History Of Implantswiss

Implantswiss started production in 2014 in Switzerland upon completion of all compulsory tests after extensive research and trial-production runs. ‘Made in Switzerland’, one of pioneering implant production hubs worldwide, in line with the meticulous international standards, Implantswiss has carved out a well-deserved niche in the market as a leading actor with its unique surface design and superb quality. Turning out its products with the state-of-the-arts technologies and expert staff according to Swiss precision without ever compromising on its quality and aesthetic approach, Implantswiss offers you personally tailored solutions for reasonable prices.

All clinical trials and production are conducted with utmost precision by our expert staff. In addition to its in-house research and development activities Implantswiss keeps abreast of all the latest clinical developments through good cooperation with academic institutions and provides purposeful scientific solutions.

Our product range, based on our unswerving tenet of providing the best quality and utmost safety, will contribute to an increase in implants use and positively impact the market.

History of implance

AGS Medikal was found on 28 December 2007, with the intention of providing permanent solutions for the patients and improving their life quality. Soon after its foundation, AGS Medikal has taken its place as one of the esteemed companies in the dental implant industry in Turkey.

In 2010, AGS Medikal decided to take on manufacturing with transfer of Know-How and personnel with 10 to 15 years of production and international sales experience in dental implant industry. Eversince, AGS Medikal continues to fortify its young and dynamic work force.

In April 2011, the foundation stone of the manufacturing company was laid in Beşikdüzü, Trabzon and in such a short time as 4 months, AGS Medikal was ready for production with a complete factory and production lines along with the high technology equipment.

The trial runs and necessary tests were conducted until October 2011 and AGS Medikal started production in full gear afterwards. AGS Medikal is a close follower of high and new technologies and proud to introduce new products to its product portfolio.

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